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So let’s introduce ourselves: Joe is the Chef. He works his kitchen with a determination that would take your breath away. No one can keep up with him… energiser bunny on steroids! He’s out of bed within seconds of waking and ready for work before the alarm on his phone has time to nag. And when he gets to work in the morning, he knows exactly what he has ahead of him, what he wants to do and how to do it. It’s true that if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Joe chooses to stay firmly in the kitchen where the food he prepares is of the freshest and best quality he can possibly achieve. 

Then there’s Koulla – Big Greek (Cypriot) Mama in the front. There are three things you need to know about her. She is honest to a fault. She doesn’t have a poker face, so when she’s angry  she’s shouting (or glowering in a fume – not too often), when she’s happy she’s dancing and when she’s upset she’s crying. No in-between! And Koulla loves family, so don’t be lonely, you are welcome to enjoy our family atmosphere when you visit us…

As Gregory – a cute little boy – said about us the first time he visited: “IT FEELS LIKE HOME, BUT THEY MADE IT A RESTAURANT”. That’s us in 10 words!

Our team of cooks and waiters is steadily melding together into a strong machine that offers friendly and efficient service. We each know our strengths and work to those. Koulla is able to help you choose something great off the menu, Alfredo and Alfios, Clement and Elvis are the ones who get the waiter thing right. Oh, and for now, Koulla is the dessert menu – you have to ask to see her for what’s sweet after your meal.

Clay Oven is not about mincy-fancy-pants nouvelle/nouveau/haute cuisine. We are about real food. That’s what we are about: first and second generation Portuguese and Greek Cypriot immigrants making the food they know and grew up with. Of course there are burgers on the menu (everybody has burgers) and lasagne (we don’t pretend to be Italian; our lasagne is made with Greek Kefalotyri – a hard goat’s cheese or a really good, dried halloumi and oregano). Our customers love our lasagne! 

ClayOven0005We have a variety of Portuguese… chorizo, chicken livers peri-peri, Trinchado, Prego rolls and a Portuguese steak that’s a dream on the palate… and Greek that is a mix of traditional and clever twists that Joe has created. Koulla is fiercely traditional on certain things but Joe has won her over with a few superbly fusion foods – like the Saganaki and Halloumi coated with sesame seeds, fried and served with the crispest “peixinho da horta” which means: fish from the veggie garden” (aka tempura veggie sticks) and a surprising dipping sauce of pomegranate and rose infusion – a sweet foil for the salty halloumi. It’s become a firm favourite. For those who say that tempura veg is a Japanese thing… have we got news for you… the Japanese copied peixinho da horta from the Portuguese explorers 600 years ago and that’s why the world thinks tempura is Japanese. Joe always said that and was shot down by “foodies”… so now we can proclaim it to the world without fear.

We love our vegan and vegetarian customers as much as our meat eaters… so for our ‘Veggies’ there’s the Quinoa Burger: no bread, no wheat, just great more-ish flavour. We also have a very interesting “Friday Cake” which has a story steeped in history all of its own. 

We look forward to hosting you and your friends and family, because isn't that what life is all about? Great food, and our friends and family.


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Robyn St, Jukskei Park
2153 Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 011 462 2027

Cell: 066 561 6280


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Mon: 12:00–21:00
Tues - Sat: 08:30–21:00
Sun: 08:30–20:00

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