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September hit us with a surge on the thermometer and we at Clay Oven are celebrating spring with our new deck… (now smokers can enjoy themselves at the table and not in the car park).
We love smokers… don’t tell my sons I said that; they’ll laugh for a week and never let me forget it since I have never smoked (I never got the taste for ciggies over chocolate) and have never supported those of my boys that smoke in any way shape or form.

HOWEVER! It so happens that in our quest to make our restaurant great for everyone, smokers have been the ones we’ve felt we’ve ‘neglected’ by making them leave the table like naughty kids and go smoke somewhere else. I am at a loss to describe it, suffice it to say that the deck looks good, is inviting and on a warm spring evening, it’s definitely a cool place to have a meal and a glass of wine. 

Farewell to Yiayia
As many of you know, I have been away in Cyprus, where, sadly, my beloved mother and the stalwart Yiayia of our family passed away during August. Our family wish to thank all our customers for your prayers, good wishes and many many hugs during this difficult time. Clay Oven customers are family; that’s what makes it special for all of us – we hug and are hugged by all of you and we feel you are family. We laugh and cry together and enjoy what Joe conjures up in the kitchen.

Clay Oven Food This Spring
Speaking of Joe – what a guy! He never ceases to impress and to deliver. Have you tried our new Salad Niçoise? It’s a deconstructed tuna salad that also… ROCKS. The whole piri-piri chicken has been perfected and is 800 grams of pure succulence (new word) served with a side salad and our signature fat chips and onion rings. Come hungry.
And then there’s chocolate: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, CHOCOLATE CAKE, together with our very own CHOCOLATE SAUCE – bar one or dark – on top of scrummy ice cream.
Other desserts are not to be sneezed at either: refreshing Fruit Salad and Ice Cream, Cheese Cake, Baklava and our very own Vegan Cake – ask us about the story behind it.

New Addition to the Family
I have left the best for last… my son, Niko, who stepped in when I was away, has brought a fresh energy to the shop that we (mom and pop) could never match. He has done such a good job for Clay Oven that he is back by popular demand (and we have to pay his wife A LOT to let him, thanks Diane  we love you). Niko is the brains behind the new music, flowers, Facebook page, website and twitter accounts. He managed the implementation of the new blinds outside so no more wind tunnel, and he facilitated the building of the deck in no time flat. Thanks Niko, you ROCK too. (His mantra is: Mom, it’s about the food!)

From all at Clay Oven, see you soon and have a glorious spring.


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